Body in the City

A series of inquiries between the borders of public and private spaces in relation to the body and its temporalities.
Initiated by Sajan Mani

Marta Lodola
Marta Lodola

28 November 2019, 12:00-18:00


Performance Workshop & Artist Talk by Marta Lodola

The public space represents the compendium of our social relationships (sociality). It is the result of our human and natural actions but also the historical scenario of our social life.

The public space hosts the twine of human experiences, it is shaped by crossing points and preserves its own memory even when its appearence is spoiled and disfigured.

According to a specific timeline the public and the private alternate in accordance with our everyday life.

How can we live these spaces in a conscious way?
How can we influence the social dynamics happening inside a common space?
How can we elaborate the experiences in order to rethink spaces and to stimulate social cohesion?

The workshop means to provide a shared space for perfomative experimentation in a public space.

This workshop is free of charge and open to all. Registration desired, please send an email to

Marta Lodola is a performer and visual artist. In 2006 she moves to Milan where she graduates in Painting at Academy of Fine Arts, Brera. She works with video, photographic self-timer, performance art and illustration, interested as well in sociology, political philosophy, anthropology, cultural processes, political activism, cyberpunk literature.

She studied with Ziele&Carter, Christina Georgiou, Dagmar I. Glausnitzer-Smith, Bilwa Costa&Jasmin Schaitl, Alissa Lynes, Roberto Lun, Sigal Zouk and Jan Burkhardt.

She follows a training path bringing together several disciplines involving body awareness and attending laboratories and workshops of Contact Improvisation, Theatre Dance, Contemporary Dance, Performance art , Ayurveda and Reiki.

Lisa Stertz – Ohne Titel, ohne Worte | Performance | Fall Apart - Discordants photographic exhibition | Polyphony, Berlin, June 2017
photo by Jana Henschen
Lisa Stertz – Ohne Titel, ohne Worte | Performance | Fall Apart - Discordants photographic exhibition | Polyphony, Berlin, June 2017 photo by Jana Henschen

11 January 2018, 2-6 pm

The Body WithIn

Performance Workshop by Lisa Stertz

»The Body WithIn« will be a 4h workshop with art practitioners that relate the\ir body with-in their work. In four phases Stertz will
(1) give an introduction into her own methodology as a performance artist, (2) lead participants through a series of exercises to enhance their body awareness,
(3) move over into performative and group exercises, and
(4) end with short performance presentations by the participants, including a round of feedback.
This workshop will play with an insight, or an idea as material under the premise of sensing. – It is recommended to wear comfortable clothing.

This workshop is free of charge and open to all. Registration desired, please send an email to

Lisa Stertz – post-performance photo by Elana Katz
Lisa Stertz – post-performance photo by Elana Katz

Lisa Stertz on Tumblr
Lisa Stertz on Vimeo

Lisa Stertz is an artist, who works mainly in the field of performance. She studied European Media Studies in Potsdam (MA, 2015), and under a New Artist Society Scholarship and a Fulbright Grant Fine Art Studio: Performance at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She currently lives in Berlin.

"My performances are places of invitation and motion. I want to pick people up, invite them to get involved. I want to share my time with them, as they share theirs with me. If they notice that they are present with me and that I am not only present for them, I have reached this timeless claim of mine – for the moment. I prefer to touch people, instead of teaching them. If they can be-come aware of being alive, of feeling themselves through a way of communication I will have chosen for a performance, I succeeded. The word communication is key here since human communication became the central objective in my work. – I am thus inspired to design performances that lay out forms of encounter, rather than forms of exposition.”

Misplaced Women? - Workshop by Tanja Ostojic

Misplaced Women?

Performance Art Workshop

'Misplaced Women?' is an international participatory performance Art project in the public space by Tanja Ostojić. Ongoing since 2009, it will be realized in Berlin for the first time. During the 3-day performance workshop, participants are invited to share migration and displacement experiences and enact the "Misplaced Women?" performance. The workshop aims to provide space for discussion of topics like traveling, identity, illegality, homelessness, security, private space/ public space, etc. Within this project we attempt to familiarise, embody and enact some of everyday life activity that signifies a displacement as common to transients, migrants, and refugees. Those performances are continuing themes of migration, (desired) mobility and vulnerability in regards to the mobile and (mostly) female body. Locations for performances suggested include migration specific places: train stations, airports, borders, underground, police stations, parks, prisons, etc.

Contributions will be posted in the form of images, notes, stories or videos to the projects blog:

Call for Participation

Application deadline 20 December 2018

To apply for the workshop please send an email to with the subject 'Misplaced Women?' and write a short motivational and biographical paragraph.

Workshop Hours

Monday, 22 January, 10:00-13:00
Tuesday, 23 January, 10:00-13:00
Wednesday, 24 January 24, 15:00-19:00 (including the public presentation with Q&A and discussion: 17-19h)

Tanja Ostojic

Tanja Ostojić is a reknown Berlin based, Yugoslavian born interdisciplinary performance artist whose artworks engage with feminism and migration politics between others. She includes herself as a character in performances and uses diverse media in her artistic researches, thereby examining social configurations and relations of power. She works predominantly from the migrant woman’s perspective, while political positioning and integration of the recipient define approaches in her work. Since 1994 she presented her work in numerous exhibitions, festivals and venues around the world. She has given talks, lectures, seminars and workshops at academic conferences and at art universities around Europe and in the Americas.