Comrades of Time - Workshop about African Cinema - with Jihan El-Tahri

Workshop on African Cinema with Jihan El Tahri

8-12 October 2020, 19:00 @KHHP

The workshop with Jihan El Thari will be an open discussion on three evenings about the development of African cinema, the historical challenges and the ideology of the great founders. The conversation will be about future possibilities of Cinema where disappearing physical spaces migrate into the virtual.


8 October, 19:00h, Movie Hyenas (1992)
9 October, 19:00h, Movie Black Girl (1966)
10 October, 19:00-22:00h Workshop & Discussion
11 October, 19:00-22:00h Workshop & Discussion
12 October, 19:00-22:00h Workshop & Discussion

The movies and workshop are in English and free of charge.
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Jihan El-Tahri

Jihan El Tahri is an award-winning film director, writer, visual artist, and producer. She currently serves as the General Director of the Berlin-based documentary support institution DOX BOX. El Tahri has been a member of The Academy (Oscars) since 2017. She has directed more than 15 films and her visual art exhibitions have traveled to renowned museums and several Biennials around the world. She continues to mentor in various documentary and filmmaking labs. El Tahri has served on the boards of several African film organizations including the Federation of Pan African Cinema and The Guild of African Filmmakers in the Diaspora.

What is the Global South?

Terms like ‘Global South’ are created in relation to an imaginary world center. We could add more terms such as ‚the West‘ or the ‚the East‘.

With the constant use of these terminologies the political concepts behind it are normalized. The School of the Global South shall investigate the concept behind the term ‘Global South’, and uncover stories, knowledge and perspectives concealed by it.

Comrades of Time

Comrades of Times is a project that researches any form of knowledge that was suppressed based on historically autocratic and oppressive systems, starting from colonialism and slavery, to nationalism and neoliberalism.

The project tries to find out which form of knowledge, science, and art has been developed during the struggle to dismantle those oppressive systems.