Useless? Flee Immediately!

Workshop 21st & 22nd October 2016 @ 14:00
Please bring your own Laptop

Moving away from PDF's and print screens, Flee Immediately! is a publishing and exhibition platform of critical ideas in critical formats. It is about getting us to think critically about the technologies we use everyday, the designs we interact with and the control we have.

Taking the notion of the whatever as a starting point, Flee Immediately! proposes several workshops that attempt to explore new ways in which we can use technology to exist together without having to place our identity in the universal. How can we belong as a user and yet remain useless? How can we live in glitch without being nervous, or vice versa? How can we be whatever about belonging? How can we play the game without having to labour to produce our own image? These explorations will help guide the direction of the upcoming Flee Immediately! Issue 03.

FRIDAY 21ST 14:00

Renee Carmichael will open a discussion about Flee Immediately! and the idea of being whatever and/or nervous glitching. This will be followed by a game, where you get to try different roles, discuss different social media situations and try your hand at being whatever.


Holger Heissmeyer and Sebastian Quack will lead a practical world building workshop. During the workshop we will discuss notions of text based worlds, agency, loops, culture etc. while learning some javascript (no prior programming experience necessary!) and adding new places to the world