11. Januar - 28. Januar 2018

Ausstellung Kabinett: Léllé Demertzi

A voice of silence

In “A Lover's Discourse: Fragments”
Roland Barthes attempts to articulate the discourse of a loving subject which for him is a speech of extreme solitude, since the loving object is absent. The dearth of the object. The presence of the absence. Of the other body. Which is constant. And devastating.

However. What remains when all is over? When all is done, and gone?
What is the residue of the lover's discourse? The residue of love? What does the absence of the absence look like?
The words shatter. The speech is riddled, made transparent and permeable.
Is there an unnullable least?
The last words, the inevitable last words.
The ones that can't fail. The ones one cannot but hold on to. And possibly start from there in order to utter a new discourse. Because in the end of all resignation, it is affirmation.

Léllé Demertzi. Born and raised in Greece. Graduated from the Architecture School of the National Technical University of Athens in 2017. She also studied Acting at the Drama School of the Athens Conservatory. Currently she is studying at MA Raumstrategien at the Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißensee. She is a founding member of the group tRaum that works in the field of parametric and utopian urbanism. She has worked as stage designer and assistant to various performances like Still Life (dir. Dimitris Papaioannou), ΑΩ (dir. Argyris Pandazaras), A quiet voice (chor. Ermira Goro) etc. Her lecture-performance “Did I intend to do this work?” was presented at the Performance Biennale in Athens, July 2016, while her devised piece “ma” was part of the Platform for Performing Arts META, May 2017.

11. Januar 2018, 18 Uhr
Opening Kabinett - Léllé Demertzi
A voice of silence