Standing Between 달 und ഭൂമി, Closing Event of Namia Leigh and Sajan Mani
Friday, 17 May 2019, 6-10pm
Standing Between 달 and ഭൂമി
Closing Event: Master Presentation Namia Leigh & Sajan Mani

20:00 Performance (Namia Leigh)

Party with Special DJs:
Muscle Magnus
Ikke Ani
J.Hannevold International
(All Vinyl. Oh so special)


Standing Between 달 and ഭൂമി

Master Presentation by Namia Leigh and Sajan Mani

25 April - 17 May 2019

Exhibition Closing Event: Friday, 17 May 2019, 6-10 pm

Namia Leigh: (I am) unable to see things as they really are

“The first moon landing in 1969 opened up a door to the new era that changed the future of the human race. Since then, the moon is no longer an unreachable twinkling star but a conquerable object. The exponential scientific and technological growth along with the recent cases of space probes accelerates the process of “earth alienation.” What concerns me is that we have been desensitized and distanced from our own selves by falling into a vortex of rapid industrialisation and man-made climate change. This spinning blurs all layers of meaning that surrounds us, to such a degree that it is near impossible to see things as they really are, rather than seeing them as they appear to be.”

Namia Leigh is born in Seoul, Korea and currently lives and works in Berlin. She often works with performative media installations that are interdependent on audiences and surroundings. (password : unabletosee)

Sajan Mani : Non-credit, Un-learning Lessons from my Father etc

"Effective governance and systematic control over the body reassert its vulnerability more than ever. In particular a marginalized body has to strive a lot to move through the oppressive physicality and corrupted power discourse around it. My work is an attempt to manifest a critical space in the human imagination and to develop a performance practice of engaging history as counter memory. It is an exploration of the possibility of a “postcolonial black Dalit body” as a new subjectivity that can deterritorialize the market regime of art and performativity as a potential to transvalue the established aesthetic tradition."

Oscillating between sculpture, performance, videos, drawings, archives, research and writings Sajan Mani creates a performative installation. In the new body of work he also collaborates with his father.

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